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The CALIPSO organisational structure is based on the interaction of several assemblies and board, as depicted above.
  • The CALIPSO Council is composed by 25 voting members and several non-voting members. The 25 voting members are 20 Facility delegates (1 per each project beneficiary) plus 5 user delegates notminated by the ESUO (see below). Non-voting permanent members are the Project Manager and his assistant, the President and vice-President of the Council, the Coordinator of Transnational Access Activities. Work package leaders and other observers are invited depending on each meeting agenda. The Council usually meets once a year.
  • The CALIPSO Executive Board meets once a year and is composed by: President and vice-President of the Council, Project Manager, Executive Scientific Assistant, Coordinator of TAAs, ESUO chair, EuroFEL representative and BioStruct-X project representative.
  • The CALIPSO Managing Team is composed by the Project Manager, his assistant, a cleark and an accountant.
  • The European Synchrotron User Organization (ESUO, is composed by an Executive Committee of 7 members including an ESUO chair, and by a General assembly. The General Assembly meets 1-2 times per year and is composed by delegates of 25 European countries.
  • The CALIPSO Industrial Advisory Board is composed by 13 members, 6 of which nominated by CALIPSO and 7 of which by the neutrons and muons I3 NMI3 ( This board meets once a year in the framework of the NA2-ELSII networking activity which is devoted to increase industry involvement in synchrotron radiation experiments.

Relevant contact persons:
- Project Manager: Dr. Michele Bertolo
- Executive Scientific Assistant: Dr. Cecilia Blasetti
- President of the Council: Prof. Giorgio Margaritondo
- Coordinator of Transnational Access Activities:
- ESUO chair:
- EuroFEL representative:
- ELSII leader: