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wayforlight portal

 The core CALIPSO initiative is the development of the wayforlight European lightsources single entry point, under the User Friendliness dedicated Networking Activity.
Wayforlight way first created to present in a homogeneous way to a potential user all European synchrotrons and free electron lasers.
During the project, it evolved into an interactive portal presenting all European beamlines (more than 300) in a standardized way complemented by advanced search tools and links to specialized scientists. In addition, single-sign-on to all lightsources' eb-based user offices will be available through the Umbrella software (
Subsequently, the single entry point offered the possibility for a user to fill a standardized proposal format on wayforlight and then complete only facility-depended data at each facility's website. 
In this way, current and potential users are be able to find the best beamline for their experiment and submit a proposal in a much more interactive and simpler way.
Take a Guided Tour into wayforlight's beamlines search tools:
Download here wayforlight's leaflet