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Transnational Access


The CALIPSO Consortium offered Transnational Access, including travel and subsistence support, to all European users solely based on scientific merit. Transnational Access, by constitution, overcomes local and national borders. CALIPSO beneficiaries run 13 synchrotron sources: ALBA (Spain), ISA (Denmark), PETRA III (Germany), Diamond (United Kingdom), Elettra (Italy), ESRF (France), BESSY II (Germany), DAFNE-L (Italy), ANKA (Germany), MAX IV (Sweden), SLS (Switzerland), SOLARIS (Poland), SOLEIL (France) and 7 free electron lasers: CLIO (France), FERMI@Elettra (Italy), FELBE (Germany), FELIX (The Netherlands),  FLASH (Germany), TAC (Turkey) and European XFEL (Germany). Among them ESRF, due to its intrinsic pan-European structure, is the only one not offering Transnational Access through CALIPSO. The TA offer includes access to more than 210 beamlines, representing a world-level cutting edge instrumentation park and a unique research network in the world as of level and dimension.


Applications to get CALIPSO Transnational Access were submitted through each facility's web-based system, as depicted in the figure below.


However, from Autumn 2014 a new pilot route for proposal submission is being offered through wayforlight, were a user will be able to fill a Standardized Proposal Format before completing the submission at the chose facility website.

Moreover, users can now find on wayforlight the whole set of more than 300 Standardized Beamlines datasheets, equipped with interactive filters to seek for the most suitable beamline for each experiment.

TNA statistics

Over 3 years (June 2012 - may 2015), CALIPSO supported more than 1.300 transnational access projects for a total of more than 130.000 hours , allowing 3.000 users to perform their experiments, ... {read more}