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RIs have both an international reach but also, importantly, strong Regional impact in local innovation ecosystems. The ELSII industry-as-a-user workshops were originally foreseen at a European level, but the task was modified to allow a much greater range of events to be held at the local geographical level of the light and neutron source facilities to take advantage of this local effect. As ELSII developed, several workshops were also held at industry sites to allow a greater number of industrial scientists to be implicated on specific topics of interest to the company concerned. This approach allowed a much finer-grained discussion and 1:1 discussions between the RI specialists and industry scientists and engineers. The workshops aimed to build awareness of the potential of light sources for application to industrial R&D. Each workshop was typically one or two days, to make it attractive to the targeted industrial participants. In total 20 events were held, spread throughout the ELSII participants, with some combining either different light source facilities and/or X-rays and neutrons:


  1. 3-4 June 2013: Expert Panel on Neutron and Synchrotron X-rays for Pharmaceutical R&D jointly with ESRF, ILL & EMBL Grenoble Outstation (Grenoble, France)
  2. 3 December 2013: Industrial Research using Synchrotron and Neutron Methods at HZB centre as satellite to the BERII/BESSYII user meeting (Berlin, Germany)
  3. 12 February 2014: Synchrotron symposium at AZ Sweden held jointly with ESRF and MAXIV. Colloidal invited but at last minute could not attend (Mölndal, Sweden)
  4. 15 April 2014: Synchrotron Applications for Chemical and Material Industries, ALBA (Barcelona, Spain)
  5. 25 April 2014: Focus meeting on ligand screening, The Partnership for Structural Biology – ESRF, EMBL, IBS and ILL (Grenoble, France)
  6. 4-5 December 2014: Industry Expert Panel on Catalysis and Materials Chemistry, Opportunities with the Upgrade Phase 2 at ESRF (Grenoble, France)
  7. 21-22 January 2015: Workshop on Membrane Protein Structure Determination for Industry at DIAMOND (Rutherford, UK)
  8. 19 February 2015: Industrial Research using Synchrotron and Neutron Methods HZB (Berlin, Germany)
  9. 10 March 2015: Austrian Synchrotron and Neutron School; Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for Industrial Applications (Altaussee, Austria)
  10. 23 March 2015: Grenoble European Photon and Neutron Campus Meets SanofiAventis (Paris, France)
  11. 7 May 2015: Synchrotron Applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry at ALBA (Barcelona, Spain)
  12. 13 May 2015: Mediator Company event at MAXIV (Lund, Sweden)

13-20.     Series of eight company workshops at ELETTRA from March 2014-April 2015 (Trieste, Italy).