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CALIPSO represents a little revolution in the user approach with respect to previous Integrated Initiatives. “User friendliness” is not simply the question of an increase of the number of users, and touches several other key issues, such as:

  •  Coaching new and existing users on the existing and future techniques
  •  Guiding them to the best facilities for their needs
  •  Facilitating their path through the beamtime submission procedures
  •  Educating the new generations of synchrotron and FEL users
  •  Enhancing industrial innovation with light sources and industrial use of light sources

The “USer FRIendliness Across National Borders” (USFRI) and “European Light Sources for Industry and Innovation” (ELSII) NAs tackle these issues in a coordinated, non-fragmented way, facilitating synergies between individual problems the solutions and  actions across different work packages. USFRI includes different components: the development of the wayforlight instrument including dissemination and a concrete work towards harmonized and standardized access procedures, advanced education activities (the HERCULES school) and the FEL networking and training initiative (FELNET). All activities will be backed by the European Synchrotron User Organization (ESUO), the “speaker” of the 10.000 European users created in 2010 as spinoff of the FP7 ELISA project. One can recognize the combination of continuity and novelties. In particular, HERCULES is a very successful educational initiative. FELNET consolidates and fosters the network that was established by IRUVX-PP on various levels to include the European XFEL as well as existing IR-FELs. The wayforlight instrument is new, being now created in the running FP7 CALIPSO I3.