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About the project

CALIPSO was selected by the European Commission as one of the FP7 "Success Stories", and a dedicated publication is in preparation. 
Here you can download the project's Final Report publishable summary, and its Attachments
CALIPSO ended in May 2015, and a new proposal for an Horizon2020 CALIPSOplus proposal has been submitted to the EC in March 2016. Results are expected in Autumn 2016. 

CALIPSO proposes a single entry point ( to simplify access modalities, to coach potential users to find the best beamline for their experiment and to favour interactivity; in addition, targeted education actions will widen and strengthen the community. Transnational Access potentially benefits a community of 30,000 European users represented by the recently formed European Synchrotron User Organisation ( The pivotal EC funding in CALIPSO supports scientists to perform their research at the best facilities, thus promoting equal opportunities for all European researchers. This is particularly important for colleagues from less-favoured countries, early stage and female researchers.

The European light sources represent a largely underexploited pool for European industry. To enhance light source–industry interactions, CALIPSO proposes a networking activity including specific events to involve industries both as users and instrumentation suppliers, a pan-European Industrial Advisory Board to orient these actions, in preparation for Horizon 2020, and a dedicated task to exploit the innovation potential of the Joint Research Activity. The CALIPSO joint research activity will focus on detectors development, one of the most significant joint challenges for present and future light sources. For Europe to succeed and remain a leader in detectors development, a coordinated action is necessary rather than individual efforts. A close collaboration of the CALIPSO JRA and the industrially-driven action will be setup with the recently signed Detector Consortium initiative, lending an important added dimension with pan-European impact. 

Download here the CALIPSO poster


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