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SOLEIL - Societé Civile Synchrotron Soleil

SOLEIL is the French national synchrotron facility, operating at 2,75 GeV as a high brilliance third generation synchrotron. It offers a unique panorama of experiments (9 beamlines open to users in 2008, 17 in 2010 and 29 in 2014), in surface and material science (with emphasis given on micronano-spectroscopies, high resolution, magnetism, chemistry), environmental and earth science, very dilute species, biology (crystallography, absorption, small angle scattering, fluorescence, IR microscopy).
Areas of excellence are time resolved experiment both in X-ray range (diffraction, photoemission) and in the soft X ray energy range (coincidences spectroscopies at ultrahigh resolution), an extensive use of adjustable photon polarisations (dichroism studies), fully automated protein crystallography beamlines, a dedicated radioactive elements beamline etc. The last beamlines (decided/under construction) will reinforce the SOLEIL capabilities in 2D and 3D imaging (from C Kedge up to 60 keV), with a special emphasis in life science. A unique platform devoted to cultural heritage material studies (IPANEMA platform) is funded and under construction, to boost the access of the relevant communities towards synchrotron techniques and methods. About 70% of the available beamtime (5.500 h/y) is allocated to users on the basis of international peer review. More than 25% of the proposals are already originating from EC non-French users, which show the established attractiveness of SOLEIL towards scientific communities.
Societé Civile Synchrotron Soleil
  Paul Morin
L’orme des Merisiers, St Aubin - BP 48 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France