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The Frascati National Laboratories (LNF), founded in 1957, are the oldest and biggest laboratories of INFN, the Italian agency devoted to fundamental research in nuclear and subnuclear physics. LNF has also a long standing tradition using  synchrotron radiation, developped in more than 10 years experience, using, at the end of the high energy physics activities, the electron-positron collider, ADONE.
After the phasing out of ADONE in the 90’s, the same infrastructure was used to host DAFNE, a high luminosity new storage ring of 0.51 GeV energy, aimed to a broad physics program, ranging from CP violation to physics of the exotic atoms. With its high specifications, DAFNE is also providing intense synchrotron radiation beams, especially in the infrared region (IR). Presently DAFNE provides synchrotron light to 3 bending magnet beamlines and to 2 wiggler ones.
DAFNE-Light is the LNF Synchrotron Radiation Facility using the intense photon emission of DAFNE. The soft X-ray and the UV beamlines use the radiation of one of the DAFNE wiggler magnets, while the last three beam-lines, SINBAD-IR, XUV1(60-1000 eV) and XUV2(35-200 eV), collect the radiation from bending magnets. The Synchrotron Infrared beam-line SINBAD covers the whole infrared domain from 10 to 10000 cm-1 while the soft X-ray beam-line delivers light in the energy range from 900 eV to about 3100 eV. Part of the wiggler emission is also deflected to go in the UV beam-line that is able to deliver light in the range 200÷600 nm. The new XUV beamlines were designed to perform different spectroscopies like photoemission, core absorption and emission.
Concerning the activities on the FEL physics, the LNF laboratory has developed the SPARC (Sorgente Pulsata Auto-amplificata di Radiazione Coerente) project, which represents a multidisciplinary laboratory. SPARC powers also a beam line to produce THz radiation in the frequency range from 0.1 to 10 THz.
In the last years, research activities at LNF attracted a sizeable amount of external users, inluding many foreign scientists. Researchers from Italian and foreign institutions used LNF facilities and many experiments have been performed by Italian, EU and external EU users.
  Antonella Balerna
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