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DIAMOND - Diamond Light Source Ltd

Diamond Light Source Ltd is a Private Limited Company which was constituted following the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement between CCLRC (now the UK Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)) and The Wellcome Trust.
The UK Government (through STFC) own 86% of the shares in Diamond, with the Wellcome Trust the remaining 14%.Diamond gives the UK a world class 3rd Generation 3GeV synchrotron light source of outstanding brilliance and beam quality, addressing research challenges across the life & physical sciences and engineering. It is being equipped with state-of-the-art experimental stations (beamlines), which enable scientists and engineers to undertake highly-innovative research across a wide range of fields and with a wide variety of potential applications to industrial competitiveness and quality of life. Diamond’s main participation in the project is to provide transnational access to beamlines at the Diamond synchrotron. Diamond became operation in 2007 with its first 7 beamlines (Phase I), and over the period 2007-2012 an additional 15 beamlines (Phase II) became operational. Funding for a further 10 beamlines (Diamond Phase III) has been agreed which will bring the number of operational beamlines to 32 by 2017/18, with the first of these Phase III beamlines becoming operational in 2013. As a result, as the number of beamlines increases the possibilities for doing new and innovative science will increase.
Diamond Light Source Ltd
  Trevor Rayment
Diamond House Harwell Science and Innovation Campus OX11 0DE Didcot, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom