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AU-ISA - Aarhus University - Institute for Storage Ring Facilities

Aarhus University is one of Europe’s leading research institutions and, amongst Danish universities its research competence covers the broadest range of research fields.

The university has approximately 38,000 students and a staff of almost 11,000. One of the strongest faculties is the Faculty of Science, which includes the research centre ISA, the Institute for Storage Ring Facilities, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
ISA has operated and developed the synchrotron radiation source ASTRID as an international user facility for more than 17 years. Other facilities are also available, for example the unique heavy-ion electrostatic storage ring ELISA. A new very bright synchrotron radiation source, ASTRID2, is currently being built, with first user beam expected in 2012.
The ASTRID and ASTRID2 synchrotrons operate at 580 MeV with very high availability providing soft synchrotron radiation to 7 beamlines, for research within biology, surface science, nanotechnology, and atomic and molecular physics.
ISA was involved in the previous transnational access programmes within the i3 project ELISA and the IA-SFS initiative. For many years, staff members at ISA have been operating and developing the synchrotron facility including the accelerators, beamlines and the end-stations. The staff consists of physicists, engineers, technicians and administrative personnel.
Aarhus University - Institute for Storage Ring Facilities
  S.P. Møller
Ny Munkegade 120, Building 1520 DK-8000 Aarhus