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TAC  - Turkish Accelerator Centre

The Turkish Accelerator Center project (  has started in 2006 and supported by State Planning Organization of Turkey.
This project has 5 sub projects namely,
1- Establishing a Free Electron Laser Center
2. Preparing a conceptual design report for a 1Gev SASE FEL Facility
3. Preparing a conceptual design report for a Synchrotron Facility
4. Preparing a CDR for Proton Accelerator Center, establishing a low energy proton accelerator.
5. Writing a physics case for Charm Factory Facility
At this stage most of the afford is spent to establish the free electron laser center called TARLA (Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory at Ankara) by the TAC team. TARLA is located in Golbası town near the Ankara. The construction of laboratory building is already finished. The site also hosts Accelerator Technologies Institute. TARLA is based on 40 MeV super conducting electron beam (two 20 MeV SRF modules) and the electron source is a 300keV thermionic electron gun.
There will be two buncher cavities (260 MHz and 1.3GHz) to establish desired time structure. There will be two undulators 90cm and 25cm period to form two optical resonators. The obtained laser ( 2.5-250 μ) will be delivered to experimental stations .User meetings are held regarding to application field of IR FEL. At the current time, the thermionic electron gun is manufactured and vacuum and HV test will start this year. Contacts for SRF modules and He plant will be signed in November 2011 and they will be delivered in 24 months. Work on the rest of the beam line is already ongoing. There will be also a 10-40 MeV Bremstrahlung line in the same facility. TARLA will be operational in 2015.
Turkish Accelerator Centre
  Pervin Arikan
1604 Ankara