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PSI-SLS - Paul Sherrer Institut - Swiss Light Source

The ‘Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)’ is the largest national research institute in Switzerland. PSI uses 70% of its budget to develop, build and operate the National Swiss Large Scale research facilities.
The strategic emphasis of PSI is on condensed matter, energy, and biological research based on research at these facilities, with strong emphasis on international co-operation and user-lab function. As a major part in the ETH-domain of the Swiss government it participates in the education at the Ph.D. level. At present approximately 300 graduate students from the ETH Zürich and other universities are working at PSI for their degree. The total number of staff is 1350.
PSI is one of the very few places worldwide where users find at a single site the three complementary probes, synchrotron X-rays (Swiss Light Source - SLS), neutrons (SINQ), and muons (PSI-SμS facility). 
PSI will also participate as partner in the NFFA-IA I3 project, which is to be submitted under topic 2012-1.1.21 of the present cal, with the involvement of the LMN laboratory. 
Paul Sherrer Institut - Swiss Light Source
  Stefan Mueller
5232 Villigen